Natrol Minus-10 Cellular Rejuvenation – 120 Tablets


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Natrol Minus-10 Cellular Rejuvenation Description:

    May Help Cells Remain Biologically Younger
    Stimulant-Free Cellular Energy
    Enhanced with Biotin
    May Help Support Glowing Radiant Skin

The Beauty Is On The Inside

“True Beauty is on the inside,” isn t just a catch phrase; it s a biological fact. The outward appearance of aging and skin damage actually spreads from “the inside-out.” It all begins with the ravaging effects of free radicals. When the cells of the body are “attacked,” by free radicals, they begin to die. Dead and damaged cells result in skin that looks and feels “aged.” Minus-10 delivers a cell-rejuvenating blast of time-released Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Known as the “Universal Antioxidant,” ALA aggressively fights free radicals, which may help cells remain healthy and “biologically,” younger, longer.

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